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Blutengel : Labyrinth - CD Blutengel : Labyrinth - CD  Ref: 17463 Blutengel have set out to lure us into their labyrinth … and, like in the ancient lore, it is inhabited by fabled creatures, dark angels and vampires, with a myriad of gloomy, romantic tales woven around its very existence. The path inside is not burdensome, as the masters of Dark Pop are tempting us with enticing vocal arrangements, catchy tunes and dance floor compatible beats. In Blutengel's “Labyrinth”, one is in no need for a guiding thread ensuring a safe path outside … the magnetic pull of these dark anthems is too great as that one would ever long to escape them again. The album includes the charts-approved single “Lucifer” as well as 14 other sonic gems, all sporting the trademark Blutengel-sound that always finds the right balance between dark romantic elegies and club-oriented tracks. Music, lyrics and artwork have been masterfully intertwined to bring to life the underlying concept of the labyrinth…

With “Labyrinth”, Blutengel have matured … without losing any of the appeal of their earlier releases. Quite to the contrary: it is highly doubtful that Chris Pohl, Ulrike Goldmann and Constance Rudert have ever delivered an album of this high intensity.

Tracks :

01 Into the labyrinth 02 Singing dead men 03 A new dawn 04 Beauty and delight 05 Dreamland 06 Gloomy shadows 07 Shame 08 Body move 09 When the rain is falling… 10 I remember (everything) 11 Lucifer 12 Sunrise 13 Behind your mask 14 Engelsblut 15 Escape (outro)
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