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Uninvited Guest : Malice in Wonderland - CD Uninvited Guest : Malice in Wonderland - CD  Ref: 17786 Armed with high quality dark, rock music, alluring visuals & electrifying performances, Uninvited Guest stormed the UK alternative scene in 2005 with their critically acclaimed debut ‘Faith in Oblivion'. The new album now upon us, is even more mature & theatrical in sound & altogether darker in character.

‘Mother Nature made a Monster' was originally written in 2002, but is made all the more relevant today with its references to climate change. ‘Strange Gothic Romance' lifts the mood, a slightly quirky inclusion (a waltz), but at the same time lyrically full of beauty & dark fantasy. ‘The Law of the Playground' is a potent tale of a young boys struggle against bullying – ‘Sombre Defile' continues the mood – a haunting instrumental which builds slowly into the frustrated angst of ‘Your Private hell'. Again the mood is lifted by ‘Join The Dance', followed by the more sombre ‘Still I Miss The Man'. ‘You Are The Kingdom' is a loud & proud proclamation of self belief & determination. ‘Human' is an appeal to humanity to dispense with the ‘Malice' that seems to be everywhere in todays world & ‘Wonderland' is a wonderfully manic, intense & spiraling collage of all that has gone before, representing nature being systematically destroyed by mankinds plundering. ‘Double Dare' rounds off the album – a cover of the BAUHAUS classic, which has become a favourite in the bands live set.

Uninvited Guest are not afraid of utilising their diverse and sometimes bizarre influences to create off kilter and refreshingly unique, dark, aggressive and atmospheric musical soundscapes. Complementing these styles with intelligent, direct, no-nonsense lyrics, the band have created a beautiful yet anarchic tapestry of sound and verse. Dress it all up in Glam Goth finery and apply a pinch of 'showbiz' for good measure and you've got a band that will entertain your eyes as well as your ears.

Tracks : 01 Mother Nature made a Monster 02 Abigail 03 Strange Gothic Romance 04 The Law of the Playground 05 Sombre Defile 06 Your Private Hell 07 Join the Dance 08 Still I miss the Man 09 You are your Kingdom 10 Jack Dandy 11 Human 12 Wonderland 13 Double Dare a
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