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Merciful Nuns : Anomaly X - CD Merciful Nuns : Anomaly X - CD  Ref: 21995 The MERCIFUL NUNS' final album concludes a memorable journey through time, space and the unseen. Like its predecessors ANOMALY explores the hidden mysteries, encouraging the listener to engage with the subject matter on levels beyond the obvious. Impressive in its artistic execution; as we have come to expect from the NUNS' mastermind Artaud Seth, the album's lyrical content reveals insights gained from years of fastidious study and testament to Artaud's meticulous approach to his creations.

NEO ALPHA GENESIS opens with a haunting echo of the ethereal culminating in a profound reminder that “…man is God!” before heading into a powerful beat laced with delicate guitar work and Artaud in commanding fashion delivering a prophesy or perhaps a warning… in any case a song destined to be a crowd favourite during live shows. A subtle yet distinct transition into GOLDEN DAWN changes the tempo into a more contemplative mood, building into a powerful hymn underpinned by changing rhythm, building slowly into a crescendo surmounted by a most distinctive signature riff which lingers in the memory long thereafter. The song delivers an assessment in which Artaud's capacity to immerse himself in the theme at hand is succinctly revealed, he absorbs its essence and recognises the hidden mysteries for what they are; never before as prevalently displayed as in the whole concept of ANOMALY in general and this song in particular. SATURNALIA is an epic expose of transcendence into ancient mysticism and its perpetuation. It opens with a mesmerising hypnotic beat that pervades the song throughout various changes in pace and rhythm from calm and measured passages into pure aggression; BLUE LODGE is a courageous foray into the exclusive world of still operative secret societies. ANOMALY (PART 1: MOON WATER – PART 2: CRACK IN THE UNIVERSE) delivers a true opus that leaves much food for thought. Expansive layers of sound accompanied by a sombre voice moving through as many layers of emotions as the music itself; the album's longest track manages to retain its momentum throughout and will resonate with the listener on many levels, atmospheric and deep, philosophical even. THE PYRAMID marks the final chapter and takes us as deeper into Artaud's mindset as never before; a slow and hauntingly beautiful track inspired by a Charles Baudelaire poem and evidently of personal significance… it has a certain finality as it fades into poignant nothingness.

This album will grow on its audience, a delightful and rare ingredient in present times indeed. One cannot help but admire the carefully choreographed soundscapes and his exquisite eye for detail. If it should turn out to be Artaud's final album in this genre then ANOMALY will prove to be an epitaph worthy of his legacy – epic, laced with emotions, intellectual depth, and a tour de force through the past and present.

Tracks : 01 Neo Alpha Genesis 02 Golden Dawn 03 Saturnalia 04 Blue Lodge 05 On the Square 06 Anomaly (Part 1: Moon Water - Part 2: Crack in the Universe) 07 The Pyramid

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