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Blutengel : Un:Gott - Box Blutengel : Un:Gott - Box  Ref: 22152 In addition to the regular CD, deluxe Double CD and the Vinyl, the special BOX-SET features the EXCLUSIVE Minialbum „ Demons of he Past “ where Blutengel present their very own, characteristic interpretations of Chris Pohl‘s favourites from the eighties – timeless classics by VISAGE, EURYTHMICS, REAL LIFE, BILLY IDOL, BLACK and JOY DIVISION.

Additionally a hand-made Metal Cross Pendant by Alchemy of London and five high-quality artprints with exclusive motives of the band are included in the box.

Box Content :


Bonus CD: "Demons of the Past"

5 exclusive high-quality artprints

handmade metal cross pendant (by Alchemy of London)

Tracks “ Demons of the Past” : 01 Fade To Grey 02 Here comes the Rain again 03 Send me an Angel 04 Wonderful Life 05 White Wedding

Two years after their latest Top-5-album and with 3 pre-singles in their back, Blutengel finally announce their all new studio album „Un:Gott“ (Un:God)

Where the journey started with „Child of Glass“ 20 years ago, the circle closes for „Un:Gott“ – an album that builds the bridge between past and future. The traditional style loved by fans is maxed out to the last consequence. Epic melodies unify with danceable beats and produce sinister, extremely catchy anthems – as usual lead by vocalists Chris Pohl and Ulrike Goldmann. The chorusses are even more direct into the ear, the melancholy is a bit more gloomy, the angry parts are a bit more furious, hope is even brighter, the sustained emotions more intense. The band again satisfies with their lack of compromise and in maintaining their trademark Sound, carrying it sensibly into the new times and onto even higher levels than ever before!

Tracks : 01 Together as One 02 Into the Void 03 König 04 Praise the Lord 05 Not my Home 06 Alles 07 Seductive Dreams 08 Vampire 09 Surrender to the Darkness 10 I´m alive 11 Am Ende der Zeit 12 Teufelswerk 13 Resurrection of the Light 14 Morningstar 15 The last Song

The DELUXE edition comes including an EXCLUSIVE 9-tracks Remix-Album , featuring re-workings of album Tracks by [X]-RX, RABIA SORDA, HARMJOY, RAVE THE REQVIEM, ANY SECOND, BLUTENGEL themselves and others!

Tracks "UN:GOTT-The Remixes” : 01 Into the Void (Rave the Reqviem Remix) 02 König (Any Second Remix) 03 Am Ende der Zeit (Wort-Ton Remix) 04 Teufelswerk (Attack Mix by Angriffspakt) 05 Praise the Lord ([x]-Rx Remix) 06 Resurrection of the Light (Black Summer Version by Rabia Sorda) 07 Surrender to the Darkness (Harmjoy Remix) 08 Teufelswerk (Battle Scream RMX feat. Alex Pest) 09 Auf deinen Wegen (A Light in the Dark Remix by Blutengel)

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